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"[duchamp-user]" [Duchamp] New version: 1.1.8

From: <Matthew.Whiting_at_email.protected>
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 2009 12:40:22 +1000

Gday all,

This email announces the release of an updated version to the Duchamp
source-finding package. This is an incremental update, with a few
important bug fixes and a couple of new features.

Many of the bug fixes were minor, with a few exceptions: the growing
function previously failed when the parameter flagAdjacent=false; the
20% widths were being calculated incorrectly; the reading of previous
detections had problems with subsections, sometimes resulting in
segmentation faults; and NCP projections would sometimes produce a
stream of coordinate transformation error messages, particularly when
near the equator. All these, and several minor ones, have been fixed.
As always, consult the CHANGES file for the full list of fixes and

There is a new feature that allows the user to specify the particular
source parameter used to sort the resulting output list.
Additionally, when using the False Discovery Rate method, the user
can now specify how many neighbouring channels are expected to be

The new code is available for download from the usual place:
and any feedback (which is always welcome!) should be done via the
Trac wiki:

Happy Finding!

Matt Whiting.
     *     | Dr. Matthew Whiting
*         | CSIRO Australia Telescope National Facility
        *  | PO Box 76, Epping NSW, 1710, Australia
      '    | ph: +61-2-93724683    fax: +61-2-93724406
           | Email: Matthew.Whiting_at_csiro.<!--nospam-->au
    *      | Web:
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