ATNF Annual Reports

Each year the activities of the ATNF are captured in the Australia Telescope Steering Committee's ATNF Annual Report. Comments on the ATNF Annual Report, or requests for copies, are welcome and should be sent to CSIRO Enquiries. Until 2016, ATNF Annual Reports were based on the calendar year: from 2017/18 the reports cover the Financial Year (July through to the following June).


Year File
2022/23 5MB PDF
2021/22 9MB PDF
2020/21 6MB PDF
2019/20 8MB PDF
2018/19 10MB PDF
2017/18 7.7MB PDF
2016 7MB PDF
2015 7.6MB PDF
2014 8MB PDF
2013 3MB PDF
2012 5MB PDF
2011 22MB PDF
2010 29MB PDF
2009 40MB PDF
2008 8MB PDF
2007 41MB PDF
2006 7.3MB PDF
2005 5.9MB PDF
2004 5.7MB PDF
2003 2MB PDF
2002 5MB PDF
2001 29MB PDF
2000 2MB PDF