Please feel free to use any material from these talks, with attribution to Tim Cornwell (CSIRO).

  • Presentation at Supercomputing 10 in Masterworks session on The Square Kilometer Array: Taming Exascale Data Flows to Explore the Radio Universe (pdf)
  • Talk at meeting on Pathways to SKA Science in Auckland, Feb 2010 on Data Processing for ASKAP and SKA (pdf)
  • Presentation to ASKAP Science Survey Teams on the ASKAP Imaging Model (Dec 2009) (pdf)
  • Talk at meeting on HPC in Observational Astronomy, Pune October 2009 on the ASKAP Software Model (pdf)
  • Talk at Curtin University, Perth on Climbing Mount Exaflop - computing for ASKAP and the Square Kilometre Array (pdf)
  • Presentation on the Single Digital Backend, December 2008 (pdf)
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