I carry out research focused mainly around technical development of radio astronomy, and like to collaborate on particularly demanding astronomical observations. I am currently co-supervising three PhD students and am open to new students.
My current, active research interests are:

  • The application of compressive sampling to radio astronomy (with CSIRO colleagues Feng Li and Frank de Hoog).
  • Wide-band radio synthesis imaging (with New Mexico Tech PhD student Urvashi Rau)
  • Novel techniques for detecting radio transient sources (with U Sydney PhD student Keith Bannister).
  • Algorithms for processing observations from radio synthesis telescopes equipped with phased array feeds (with Maxim Voronkov).
  • The implementation of digital signal processing for radio synthesis arrays in software (with colleagues from CSIRO, IBM, and ASTRON).
  • High performance computing for radio synthesis telescope data processing (with CSIRO colleague Ben Humphreys).

My first PhD student was Dan Briggs, who sadly passed away in a sky-diving accident in 1998. Dan had an incredible appetite for life and touched the lives of many people. You can find out more about him on his archived personal page. As well as being a great guy, he was an excellent scientist. Here is his excellent thesis.

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