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Data Release

It is important to disseminate results from large surveys as soon as possible, so that they are available to those working at other wavelengths. The ATLAS project therefore has a policy of placing all data in the public domain as soon as practicable.

CDFS 20 cm data

The data tables are published by AJ as part of the data paper, as follows:

Table 4 (the catalog of radio components)

Table 6 (the catalog of radio sources, with identifications and optical and IR data)

In addition, you may download the FITS image of the entire radio field here (45MB).

We expect the full catalog to be available in NED by June 2007.

Feel free to use this data in whatever way you wish, including using overlays in published articles, but please cite the original data paper:

\bibitem[Norris et al.(2006)]{2006AJ....132.2409N} Norris, R.~P., et al.\ 2006, \aj, 132, 2409

ELAIS-S1 20 cm data

Deep ATLAS Radio Observations of the ELAIS-S1 field

Enno Middelberg , Ray P. Norris , Tim J. Cornwell , Maxim A. Voronkov , Brian D. Siana , Brian J. Boyle , Paolo Ciliegi , Carole A. Jackson , Minh T. Huynh , Stefano Berta , Stefano Rubele , Carol J. Lonsdale , Rob J. Ivison , Ian Smail , Seb J. Oliver, 2008, AJ, 135.1276. Also on

The tabular data are published in the AJ electronic articel. Please contact Enno if you wish to obtain the FITS image.


HDF-S observations

In an earlier project, we made deep (rms ~ 10µJy) observations of the Hubble Deep Field South at 20, 13, 6,and 3 cm. Further information (including the data relase) is here.




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