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Software requirements for the RVS Viewer

CLICK HERE to inspect your Java and Java Web Start setup

The RVS Viewer is an application written fully in Java so it can run on any operating system that can run a Java Virtual Machine (e.g. MS Windows, Linux, Solaris). You will, however, require a relatively new version of Java. These requirements are listed below.

  • Java version 1.3 or greater
  • Java Web Start. If you have Java version 1.4 or greater, then you will most likely have Java Web Start as well. Note that RVS currently does NOT work with java webstart 1.5, it does work with java 1.5 though. Click here to inspect your java setup.


1. Do you have Java?

The Java inspection page will attempt to tell you the java version you are running, if any. If you do not have Java installed or if you have a version lower than 1.3, you will need to download a newer version. Once you have done this you can continue to the next step.

2. Do you have Web Start?

Note that RVS does NOT work with java webstart 1.5, you need to download the RVS Viewer rvsviwer.jar and start it with "java -jar rvsviewer.jar

The best way to be sure that you have Java Web Start set up correctly is by trying to run this DEMO APP. This will attempt to start a demo paint application from Sun Microsystems. If this application starts automatically, then you have everything you need to use the RVS Viewer. Otherwise, you either don't have Web Start or you need to tell your browser how to open Web Start files. See below.

3. Telling the browser about Web Start

When you clicked on the demo app link above, the browser may not have known how to open the file. You need to point your browser to the Web Start application when it prompts you. The Java inspection page attempts to give you this information. The above process of associating applications with file types (or mime types) varies between browsers.

4. Download Web Start

The latest version of Web Start is available from Sun's Java Web Start download page.

5. Ask for help

You may email webmaster if you require further assistance.
For more information on Java or Web Start Technology, visit Sun's Java web site.

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