Our people

The ATNF is operated and managed by CSIRO Space and Astronomy (until May 2021, CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science), a division of CSIRO — Australia's national science agency. Around 300 people are employed by Space and Astronomy, of which approximately 200 people support activity related to the ATNF. This includes research scientists, engineers, technical and administrative support staff. See our staff list.

Our management

Divisional policy, strategic planning and operational management are the responsibility of the Space and Astronomy Executive Team while the day-to-day operation of the ATNF is managed by our ATNF Operations Team. Find out more about our management teams.

Our students

Space and Astronomy staff co-supervise PhD students in astrophysics and engineering from (mostly) Australian universities. Find out more about our astrophysics student program and our engineering student program, or see our student list.

Our visitors

Space and Astronomy has a scientific visitors program which provides some financial and other support to facilitate visits from researchers for extended periods (from two weeks to a year). Find out more about our scientific visitors program.

Further information

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