Space and Astronomy Student Program: online library

Student Date Institute S&A co-supervisor University supervisor(s) Thesis (click for pdf)
Mark Edwards 2022 University of Sydney Emil Lenc Tara Murphy A volume-limited survey for radio-loud M-dwarfs with the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder
Shannon Melrose Aug 2022 UNSW Matt Whiting Maria Cunningham A column density probability distribution function analysis of the Vela Molecular Ridge Cloud C and G333 giant molecular clouds
Jishnu Nambissan Thekkeppattu July 2022 Curtin University Aaron Chippendale Cathryn Trott, Ben McKinley Towards Detection of Redshifted 21-cm Signal from Cosmic Dawn and Epoch of Reionisation
Marcus Lower Jan 2022 Swinburne University Simon Johnston Matthew Bailes, Ryan Shannon Exploring the magnetospheric and rotational properties of radio pulsars
Cherie Day Jan 2022 Swinburne University Chris Phillips Adam Deller, Chris Flynn, Matthew Bailes Pinpointing the Origins of Fast Radio Bursts
Hao Qiu 2021 University of Sydney Keith Bannister Tara Murphy Detecting Fast Radio Bursts with the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder
Noor Masdiana Md Said Nov 2021 University of Tasmania Cormac Reynolds,
Hayley Bignall
Simon Ellingsen, Stas Shabala Intraday Variability of Active Galaxies
Abhimanyu Susobhanan Sep 2021 Tata Institute for Fundamental Research George Hobbs Achamveedu Gopakumar Perspectives in Nanohertz Gravitational Wave Astronomy
Steve Raj Prabu Aug 2021 Curtin University Xiang Zhang Paul Hancock, Steven Tingay Advantages and Limitations of using the Murchison Widefield Array for Space Surveillance: a Feasibility Study
Shuangqiang Wang June 2021 Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory George Hobbs Na Wang, Jingbo Wang Emission variation study of radio pulsars
Dougal Dobie Jan 2021 University of Sydney Keith Bannister Tara Murphy, Dick Hunstead Radio Follow-up Of Gravitational Wave Events
Andrew Zic Aug 2020 University of Sydney George Heald Tara Murphy, Christene Lynch Cool Stellar Activity at Low Radio Frequencies
Lei Zhang June 2020 University of Chinese Academy of Sciences George Hobbs Di Li Pulsar Observation and Study with FAST and Parkes Radio Telescope
John Lopez June 2020 UNSW Matthew Whiting Maria Cunningham, Lisa Harvey-Smith From one extreme to another: molecular clouds and star formation throughout the Milky Way Galaxy
Ali Lalbakhsh Mar 2020 Macquarie University Stephanie Smith Karu Esselle All-dielectric near-field transforming structures to dielectric-less metasurfaces for high gain antenna systems
Lachlan Marnoch Apr 2020 Macquarie University Elaine Sadler Stuart Ryder The host galaxies and possible progenitors of fast radio bursts
Naoyuki Yonemaru Mar 2020 Kumamoto University George Hobbs Keitaro Takahashi Study on direct detection of low-frequency gravitational waves with pulsar timing array

Aditya Parthasarathy Madapusi

Jan 2020 Swinburne University of Technology Simon Johnston Matthew Bailes, Willem van Straten, Stefan Oslowski, Ryan Shannon Timing properties across the pulsar population
Tiege McCarthy Jan 2020 University of Tasmania Maxim Voronkov Simon Ellingsen Class I methanol masers toward external galaxies
Chris Jordan Sep 2015 University of Tasmania Maxim Voronkov Andrew Walsh, Simon Ellingsen MALT-45: A 7mm survey of the Southern Galaxy
Kosuke Fujii 2015 University of Tokyo Joanne Dawson Norikazu Mizuno Giant Molecular Cloud Formation at the Interface of Colliding Supershells in the Large Magellanic Cloud
Courtney Brown Jan 2014 University of Tasmania Joanne Dawson John Dickey HI Absorption in the Fourth Galactic Quadrant
Meng Yu June 2012 Peking University Richard Manchester Xu Renxin Two researches on pulsars
Keith Bannister Nov 2011 University of Sydney Tim Cornwell Bryan Gaensler, Tara Murphy Astrophysical Radio Transients: surveys and techniques
Sarah Burke Spolaor 2011 Swinburne University of Technology Simon Johnston Matthew Bailes Supermassive black hole binaries and transient radio events: studies in pulsar astronomy
Daniel Yardley May 2011 University of Swinburne George Hobbs Bryan Gaensler Studying gravitational waves with pulsars: results from the Parkes pulsar timing array
Andrew Cameron Nov 2010 University of New South Wales George Hobbs Maria Cunningham Investigating methods of pulsar detection in radio continuum surveys using the Australian Square Kilometer Array Pathfinder
Vikram Ravi Oct 2009 Australian National University George Hobbs Dyal Wickramasinghe Stellar Radio Transients: From Brown Dwarfs to Pulsar and Beyond


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