Bursts, Pulses and Flickering:
Wide-field monitoring of the dynamic radio sky

Facilities (projectors, phones, internet...)

A video projector for computer presentations and a full sound system will be available. If there are other requirements (e.g. slide projector,overhead projector), please let the LOC know asap, and we will endeavour to provide them.

There are a few telephones in the village, including one in the Hall, plus a public cardphone. In addition, the village has phenomenal mobile coverage (GSM) due to line-of-sight towers in a nearby mountain. The hotels should also have phones in every room but these may be expensive. A fax machine may be provided if it is deemed necessary.

Internet access is relatively easily available. It is possible to dial in and this may be the best if you have global internet roaming and can use a local provider. However, the cheapest way is to use the local internet cafes and there are a few in Tripolis (mainly in bars). The LOC chair will also have dial in access in the village and this can be used for urgent messages.



Staff space