Bursts, Pulses and Flickering:
Wide-field monitoring of the dynamic radio sky

Money matters

The currency in Greece is the Euro, and naturally Euro notes and coins from any other European country are readily accepted.

Money exchange can be done at any bank and there are some branches at Athens airport. Tripolis has a number of banks (> 5) but they are only open at business hours. By far the best and easiest way to get local cash is to use the ATM wall machines. These are ubiquitous, supported by all major banks, accept almost all international credit/debit cards and there are many machines in town and at the airport.

Major credit cards are accepted by the more expensive establishments. For the hotels, information is given in the hotels list. The cheaper restaurants are unlikely to accept credit cards and you should rely more on having cash (Euro).

Meals in provincial Greece are relatively inexpensive and can start as low as E10 in a local restaurant. Around E20-30 will be a very good dinner unless you go really upmarket or have expensive drinks.



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