Bursts, Pulses and Flickering:
Wide-field monitoring of the dynamic radio sky

Post-workshop activities


Greece is of course legendary for both natural and historical wonders. And early summer is probably the best time of the year as it is neither cold not hot but very pleasantly warm.

In the Peloponese, and all accessible via some single-day bus excursions, are: Olympia; Mycinea and the ancient theater of Epidaurus; Sparta and the Byzantine monuments of Mistras; the caves of Diros; or some other combination of natural and historical sites.

A day-excursion by a 50-person bus with driver and english-speaking tourist guide costs around E400 in total. If there is enough interest the LOC can organise one or more such excursions. Even with a minimum of 10 people, the costs will be E40 each. And of course it gets cheaper with more people.

The logical date for this appears to be Saturday the 16 of June and tentative arrangements have been made with the bus company for that day. If a guide is not needed then arrangements could be finalised at the last moment i.e. after arrival at the workshop. Arrangements for guides must be made well beforehand.

Suggestions for other excursions or alternative dates are always invited and the LOC will try to help with the organisation.

Post-workshop party in Kerastari

The LOC chair, Tasso Tzioumis, is also hosting a party in the village of Kerastari and at the venue of the workshop, on Saturday evening 16 June. This will include most of the village and other friends and relatives of the host. All workshop participants are invited and a question will be asked in the registration form.
Please let us know if you are staying, to facilitate catering and transport.



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