PULSE@Parkes Teachers FAQ

Control the Parkes Radio Telescope and do REAL science in REAL time to make REAL discoveries!

Barry Homewood from Braemar College
Barry Homewood from Braemar College working with astronomer George Hobbs.

The PULSE@Parkes project allows high-school students to carry out real observations using the Parkes radio telescope situated in New South Wales, Australia. The project runs in two modes. In the first mode a class of students (Years 10 to 12) undertakes remote observations of the telescope from the Australia Telescope National Facility headquarters in Marsfield, Sydney. In the second mode the students work through the online learning activities using archival data available from our website. This second mode does not require the school students coming to Sydney.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please follow the links below for answers to these common questions. If you have further questions or require more information contact the Project Coordinator, Robert Hollow on (02)9372 4247.

Q: Why PULSE@Parkes? What are the educational outcomes?

Q: Where does it fit in to the curriculum? (Syllabus Map)

Q: How much time is required to complete a remote observing session? What will such a session involve?

Q: What if I cannot bring my school to Marsfield? Can we still participate in the project?

Q: How much does it cost?

Q: How do we apply and how are schools selected?

Q: What do you mean by observing and non-observing schools?

Q: What prior knowledge is assumed (for both students and teachers)?

Q: What professional development opportunities are available for teachers?

Q: What are the IT requirements for both observing and non-observing schools?

Q: What is involved in the Education Research project?

Q: Where can I get more information?

Students from Willeton Senior High, Duncraig High School, Mt Lawley Senior High School and Perth Modern School in Western Australia. Photo credit: Paul Ricketts, SPICE, UWA.

Schedule and Applications

To view the current schedule or apply for an observing slot please click here. Please ensure that you have read the information in the FAQs before applying.