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What is CSIRO Arch?

CSIRO Arch is an open source free enterprise search engine based on Apache Nutch, a popular general purpose search engine that is capable of indexing billions of web pages using clusters of computers. Arch uses Nutch and Solr software and adds additional features to provide a powerful and efficient search engine that is optimized for use in corporate web environments. Such environments typically have one or more web sites, with web content provided for external readers and internal use, and one or more "intranet" sites that provide content for internal use only. Arch can be used to search both the external access and restricted access sites and produces extremely high quality search results.

Corporate Search: Can We Just Get Google?

Corporate web environments are a challenging area for modern search engines. Whilst they may include multiple web sites and millions of pages, compared to the global Web they are much smaller and this makes them easier to index. However, the smaller scale of corporate environments and the more restricted access to information also make it harder to estimate the relative importance of documents found on corporate web sites. The search methods used to search the global Web generally do not work well on a smaller scale and this leads to frustration for companies who often find that searches on their intranets are of limited use.

Arch has been specifically designed to provide very high quality searches for intranet web environments. Arch makes use of web server logs and other information that is available within an organization, but not available to external search engines, to provide excellent search results. It is robust and easy for a webmaster to install and maintain, and is extremely efficient at providing relevant and up-to-date information.

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Arch Features

  • Excellent search quality: Arch has solved the problem of providing good search results for enterprise web sites and intranets!
  • Up to date information: Arch is very efficient at updating indexes and this ensures that the search results are up to date and relevant. Unlike most search engines, no complete 'recrawls' are done. The indexes can be updated daily, with new pages discovered automatically.
  • Watch mode: In this mode, Arch periodically checks your web servers logs and automatically adds new links to the index, if finds them.
  • Multiple web sites: Arch supports easy dynamic inclusion or removal of websites.
  • High scalability: being based on Nutch and Hadoop, Arch can run on clusters of computers and index billions of pages.
  • "Setup and forget": Arch can be installed by one person with limited webmaster experience. Once it has been installed, it requires little effort to maintain.
  • 24/7 availability
  • Document level security Arch is easy to configure and can be set up so that some parts are restricted to different users. Users can find only documents that they have a permission to see - a must in enterprise environment.
  • Detection and reporting of vulnerabilities, threats and changes in your site.
  • Clean, high quality index: Arch lets you clean your pages before indexing, removing common fragments that should not be indexed, such as headers, footers, menus and advertisement.
  • Faceted search "out of the box".
  • Customization:. Arch can be customized to specific requirements using either Java or PHP.

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