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CSIRO Space and Astronomy, Co-learnium Talk Series

The Co-learnium is a platform for people to share their knowledge, experience, research and some useful guides. Most of talks have time length of 30-min roughly, covering a variety of topics.

(Note that the public slides and videos are available to all. Those marked as internal can only be accessed via the CSIRO internal network or by logging in with a CSIRO-ATNF Unix account.)

Co-learnia in 2023

Date Speaker Title Slides link Video link Additional links
14 Dec 2023Luke MckayNonlinear optical effects to remove RFIpdf (internal) mp4 (internal)
07 Dec 2023Hannah SchunkerNotes for data analysts: A fragile detection of solar gravity-modespdf (internal) mp4 (internal)
30 Nov 2023Lucie GreenOrigins of space weather at the Sun: science and community engagementpdf (internal) mp4 (internal)
23 Nov 2023Jane KaczmarekIt’s difficult to build a telescope during a global pandemic and other things I learned in Canadapdf (public) mp4 (public)
16 Nov 2023Albany AsherMary Sherman Morgan: Queen of Rocketrypdf (internal) mp4 (internal)
09 Nov 2023Matthew WhitingAurorae, glaciers & fjords – a science-ish view of Norwaypdf (internal) mp4 (internal)
02 Nov 2023Ron Ekers & Claire HookeHow technological developments have driven discoveries in radio astronomy: the Parkes radio telescopepdf (public) mp4 (public)
26 Oct 2023Brianna Gould & Cathy LiuWhy we should build a radio telescope on the far side of the moonpdf (internal) mp4 (internal)
12 Oct 2023Andrew MartiniGeneral overview of National Collections and Marine Infrastructure (NCMI)pdf (internal) mp4 (internal)
28 Sept 2023Lucy OswaldInvestigating galactic structure with radio pulsarspdf (internal) mp4 (internal)
21 Sept 2023Shreya SantraSpace Robotics: the Frontiers of Explorationpdf (public) mp4 (public)
14 Sept 2023HoseinIs a new world order coming?pdf (public) mp4 (public)
12 Sept 2023Kiyoaki OmoriSociety/real-life applications of machine learningpdf (public) mp4 (public)
07 Sept 2023Albany AsherWhy does a ball fall?: Newton's Gravity vs Einstein's Gravitypdf (internal) mp4 (internal)
31 August 2023Surajit MondalMy experiments in solar physics through my PhD and postdocpdf (public) mp4 (public)
24 August 2023Aman ChokshiExperience of wintering over at the South Polepdf (public) mp4 (public)
10 August 2023Zhuowei WangUnraveling machine learning, anomaly detection, and collaborative intelligencepdf (public) mp4 (public)
03 August 2023Dick ManchesterThe Parkes Pulsar Timing Arraypdf (public) mp4 (public)
20 July 2023Minh HuynhEverything Everywhere All at Once: how to publish astronomical datapdf (public) mp4 (public)
06 July 2023Jake SandayA high school students perspective of life at CSIRO Space and Astronomypdf (public) mp4 (public)
22 June 2023John O'SullivanDevelopment of WiFipdf (public) mp4 (public)
15 June 2023Alex HeldAquaWatch -- mp4 (public)
08 June 2023Phil EdwardsFifteen photos from Florencepdf (internal)mp4 (internal)
01 June 2023Sascha SchediwyOptical phase synchronisation for radio astronomy and space sciencepdf (public)mp4 (public)
25 May 2023John BuntonBirth of ASKAPpdf (public)mp4 (public)
18 May 2023Marcus Lower50+ years of PSR J0738-4042pdf (internal)mp4 (internal)
27 April 2023Jennifer ZhuHunting, trapping and fishing: traditional resource harvesting in the Canadian Arcticpdf (public) mp4 (public)
20 April 2023George HobbsJulia: Is this the language of the future?pdf mp4 (public)
06 April 2023Gareth KennedyHow navigate the academia to industry dividepdf mp4 (public)
30 March 2023Anita PetzlerBayesian statistics Part 3– Validating Bayesian Methodspdf(public) mp4 (public)
23 March 2023Anita PetzlerBayesian statistics Part 2– MCMC Techniquespdf (public)mp4 (public)
16 March 2023Andrew ZicThe landscape of nanohertz gravitational wave astronomypdf (internal)mp4 (internal)
09 March 2023Vivek GuptaGod of schedulerspdf (public)mp4 (public)
02 March 2023Ivy WongResearch Integrity refresher + Dilemma Gamepdf (internal)mp4 (internal)
23 Feb 2023Anita PetzlerBayesian statistics Part 1– Bayes’ Theorempdf (public)mp4 (public)
16 Feb 2023Sam McSweeneyA Musician's View of Science, or a Scientist's View of Music?pdf (public)mp4 (public)
02 Feb 2023Jack FosterIg Nobels: The Australian Showcasepdf (public)mp4 (public)
19 Jan 2023Agastya KapurSafety in Formulal 1 over 70 yearspdf (public)mp4 (public)
12 Jan 2023Mehul AgarwalHypersonic vehiclespdf (public)mp4 (public)

Co-learnia in 2022

Date Speaker Title Slides link Video link Additional links
22 Dec 2022Nick CarterThe CSIRO Space Programpdf (internal)mp4 (internal)
15 Dec 2022Soheb MandhaiThe Search for Spiders in the Milky Way Galaxypdf (public)mp4 (public)
08 Dec 2022Phil DiamondWhen the world operated in black and white: the history of radio astronomy at Jodrell Bankpptx (public)mp4 (public)
01 Dec 2022John SarkissianThe 60th anniversary of the Parkes Mariner 2 tracksComing soonComing soon
24 Nov 2022Eleanor Ingram, John Reynolds16 Days to end Violence against Womenpptx (internal)mp4 (internal)
17 Nov 2022Rima GivotNASA Lucy Trojan Targets: Chasing Patroclus Occultations, Western Australia 2022Coming soonmp4 (internal)
10 Nov 2022Rebecca Wheadon, Leonie Boddington & Kirsten FredericksenWhat’s in a name? Introducing the new name for our WA radio astronomy observatoryComing soonmp4 (internal)
03 Nov 2022Phil EdwardsThe first 2000 ADAPs -- the ATNF Daily Astronomy Picturepdf (public)mp4 (public)
27 Oct 2022Adam Saisanas & Peter LiarosAn Initial Analysis of a Hybrid Attendance Conferencepdf (public)mp4 (public)
20 Oct 2022Angelica WaszewskiInterplanetary Weather Forecasting with the Murchison Widefield Arraypdf (internal)mp4 (internal)
13 Oct 2022Samuel DarwellApplying Polarimetry to the Southern Hemisphere Asteroid Radar Programpdf (public)mp4 (public)
06 Oct 2022David JaunceyRemembering the discovery 40 years ago, of PKS2000-330,found to be the most distant at that time, known object in the Universepdf (public)mp4 (public)
29 Sep 2022Di LiFRBs in Chinese paintingspdf (public)mp4 (public)
08 Sep 2022Rushuang Zhao Progress on the 4.5-meter Telescope arraypdf (internal)mp4 (internal)
01 Sep 2022George HobbsCo-learnium on Co-learnia (Special 200th Co-learnium!)pptx (public)mp4 (public)
25 Aug 2022Rachel RaynerAustralian Art: the Western perspective of Indigenous painting in the modern erapdf (internal)mp4 (internal)
18 Aug 2022Ruth CarrInspiring the next generationpdf (internal)mp4 (internal)
11 Aug 2022Jason Van AardtIntroduction to FPGAspdf (public)mp4 (public)
04 Aug 2022Minh HuynhFantastic Data and Where to Find Them: CASDA and the Virtual Observatorysoon(unrecorded)
14 July 2022Phil EdwardsAstronomical Vexillologypdf (public)mp4 (public)
23 June 2022Jimi GreenAstronomy Themed Beverages: Part IIIpdf (public)mp4 (public)
16 June 2022Marcus LowerSolving your Bayesian dreams with Bilby: Part 2No pdf see GitHub linkmp4 (public)GitHub link to the tutorial here GitHub link
09 June 2022Luke McKayMicrowave Photonics: Radio Frequency engineering with lasers!pdf (public)mp4 (public)
02 June 2022Xinping DengTianwen (天问), Chinese Mars exploration missionpdf (public)mp4 (public)
26 May 2022Courtney BrightIrreconcilable differences: flight operations for the M2 spacecraft divorcepdf (public)mp4 (public)
19 May 2022Rui Luo Lessons we can learn from historic astronomical discoveriespdf (public)mp4 (public)
05 May 2022Manasvee SarafHI absorption associated to Norma's brightest cluster galaxypdf (public)mp4 (public)
28 April 2022Marcus LowerSolving your Bayesian dreams with BilbyNo pdf see GitHub linkmp4 (public)GitHub link to the tutorial here GitHub link
21 April 2022Vanessa MossSky Trackers (1994): exploring themes and impact of science in popular culturepdf (public)mp4 (public)
07 April 2022Rachel RaynerScience at the Fringe: bringing photons to the comedy stagepdf (internal)mp4 (internal)
31 March 2022Jennifer ZhuTen things you (perhaps) didn't know about living in the Arcticpdf (public)mp4 (public)
24 March 2022Ron EkersHistorical developments at the Parkes radio telescope as an example of the evolution of computers over 60 years. Analogue – Digital – Quantum?pdf (public)mp4 (public)
17 March 2022Andrew MurphyExploring Cosmic Dawn with the SKA Aperture Array Verification Systemsoonmp4 (internal)
10 March 2022Tommy MarshmanThe Good, The Baade and The UWLpdf (public)mp4 (public)
03 March 2022Katie JamesonReflections after 10+ years working on diversity, equity, and inclusion in astronomypdf (public)mp4 (public)
24 Feb 2022John Sarkissian60th Anniversary Recreation of the Parkes 3C273 Occultationpdf (internal)mp4 (internal)
17 Feb 2022David JaunceyThe 1962 Parkes lunar occultation observations that led to the discovery of the first quasar 3C273pdf (public)mp4 (public)
10 Feb 2022Nikhel GuptaStatus of Machine Learning in Astronomypdf (public)mp4 (public)
03 Feb 2022Tommy MarshmanLife lessons from a warzonesoonmp4 (internal)
27 Jan 2022Isabelle FratterA career in space, a summary of 33 years of experience at the French space agencypdf (internal)mp4 (internal)
20 Jan 2022Benjamin PopeRadio Detection of M Dwarf Star-Planet Magnetic Interactionshtml (public)mp4 (public)
13 Jan 2022Agastya KapurCommunication in the online world (particularly in video games)pdf (internal)mp4 (internal)
06 Jan 2022Lei ZhangHow I fell in love with Yogapdf (public)mp4 (public)

Co-learnia in 2021

Date Speaker Title Slides link Video link Additional links
16 Dec 2021Daniel BurgarthLogic Gates in Quantum Computingpdf (public)mp4 (public)
09 Dec 2021Mengyao XueThe polarisation leakage and correction of pulsar observation with the MWApdf (public)mp4 (public)
02 Dec 2021Vinay KeraiAstrotag: #Tagging Radio Galaxies using Machine Learningpdf (public)mp4 (public)
25 Nov 2021Laura DriessenThe trolley problem and when not to use itpdf (public)mp4 (public)
18 Nov 2021Andrew WrightUsing WordPress in CSIROpdf (internal)mp4 (internal)
04 Nov 2021George HobbsRadio frequency interference: what are we doing about it?pdf (internal)mp4 (internal)
28 Oct 2021Peter TuthillThe Toliman Mission: A new space-based telescope for detecting nearby Earth-mass planetsN/AN/A
21 Oct 2021S&A Communications TeamBest job in the Universe: helping everyone discover how cool your work ispdf (internal)mp4 (internal)Please participate in poll at Confluence Page
07 Oct 2021Alec ThomsonDask or: How I learned to stop worrying and love distributed Python pdf (public)mp4 (public)
30 Sep 2021Andrew BolinSoftware Testing: An Interactive Introductionpdf (public)mp4 (public)
23 Sep 2021Phil EdwardsHaikupdf (public)mp4 (public)
16 Sep 2021Thilina HeenatigalaPerspectives on Decolonising Astronomy Educationpdf (public)mp4 (public)
02 Sep 2021Valerie CaldwellDemo on “Donesafe” the new CSIRO incident/near miss/hazard reporting tool which can be accessed on the “Launchpad” on the MYCSIRO front webpageNo slidesmp4 (internal)
26 Aug 2021Xinyu WuAdventure with MeerKAT in South Africapdf (public)mp4 (public)
19 Aug 2021Vanessa MossPractical tips for making your online meetings better (and why bother)pdf (public)mp4 (public)Comments are welcome on Google Docs
12 Aug 2021Jim LovellAn adaptation of radio interferometry techniques to bioacousticspptx (public)mp4 (public)
05 Aug 2021Josef PieprzykStroll through Cryptographypdf (public)mp4 (public)
29 Jul 2021Claire Hooker & Ron EkersWhat we concluded from the early history of developments in radio astronomypptx (public)mp4 (public)
22 Jul 2021Tara MartinThe MNF’s RV Investigator and its technical capabilitiesN/Amp4 (internal)
15 Jul 2021Greg DowlingAPAs' and Capability Dayspptx (internal)mp4 (internal)
08 Jul 2021Robert HollowPivoting PULSE@Parkes to Online in the COVID Erapptx (public)mp4 (public)
01 Jul 2021Clancy JamesWhat's new in the world of neutrino astronomy?pdf (public)mp4 (public)
24 Jun 2021Greg DowlingAm I unconsciously bias?pptx (internal)mp4 (internal)
17 Jun 2021Keith BannisterDigital design - the hardest thing I've ever donepdf (public)mp4 (public)
10 Jun 2021Zixin HuangSub-wavelength quantum imaging for astronomypdf (public)N/A (unrecorded)
03 Jun 2021Claire HookerThe questions an academic historian asks about early radio astronomypdf (public)mp4 (public)
27 May 2021Ivy WongGateway to Machine Learning via an AutoML toolpdf (internal)mp4 (internal)
20 May 2021Yuanming WangTraditional Chinese Constellationspdf (public)mp4 (public)
13 May 2021George HobbsCan we extract random numbers from pulsars and why would we want to?pptx (internal)mp4 (internal)
06 May 2021Andrew ZicSolar Radio Burstspptx (public)mp4 (internal)
29 Apr 2021John SarkissianThe Parkes Nova-C SupportN/Amp4 (internal)
22 Apr 2021Phrudth JaroenjittichaiUpdates on Thai National Radio Telescopepdf (internal)mp4 (internal)
15 Apr 2021Di LiFAST and its 2nd Open Callpdf (internal)mp4 (internal)
08 Apr 2021Vivien Rolland & Moshiur FaraziDeep learning on small datasets? A hairy businessN/Amp4 (internal)
01 Apr 2021Jennifer ZhuHow to run a dog sled team in the Great White Northpdf (public)mp4 (public)
18 Mar 2021Greg DowlingAn overview of the CASS rewards processpptx (internal)mp4 (internal)
04 Mar 2021Suk Yee YongHunting for the unknowns in the Universepdf (internal)mp4 (internal)
25 Feb 2021Jane KaczmarekRFI management at DRAO and CHIMEpptx (public)mp4 (public)
04 Feb 2021Gabriella QuattropaniAstronomy at MQ observatorypptx (public)mp4 (public)
28 Jan 2021John TuthillUsing radio to find explosives and drugspdf (public)mp4 (public)
21 Jan 2021Hyein YoonAn introduction to the Korean VLBI Networkpdf (internal)mp4 (internal)
14 Jan 2021Emma GaschkRaspberries and Rum: The Chemistry of Interstellar Moleculespdf (public)mp4 (public)

Co-learnia in 2020

Date Speaker Title Slides link Video link Additional links
17 Dec 2020Matthew BailesMeerKAT pulsar timing programme - MeertimeN/A (played in a PC game)mp4 (public)
10 Dec 2020Rui LuoLife changes of the local residents around the FAST sitepdf (public)mp4 (public)
03 Dec 2020Vikram RaviDSA-2000: a 2000-dish radio arraypdf (public)mp4 (public)
26 Nov 2020Max VoronkovReading Russian in 10min talkpdf (public)mp4 (public)
19 Nov 2020Stephane Mangeon, Maoying Qiao & Yang ChenOutcomes and learnings from the Data Questpdf (internal)mp4 (internal)Data Quest 2020
12 Nov 2020Tomasz BednarzHigh-Performance Visualisation, Simulation and Modelling – Expanded Perception and Interaction Centre Use Casespdf (internal)mp4 (internal)
05 Nov 2020Kate CallaghanCASS D&I Action Planpdf (public)mp4 (public)
29 Oct 2020Joe CallinghamThe Academic Powerball: Prestigious Grants and Citationspptx (public)mp4 (public)
22 Oct 2020Felipe Barboza da SilvaA new time-frequency approach for removing RFI: a Parkes UWB case studypdf (internal)mp4 (internal)
08 Oct 2020Chenoa TremblayCan Stars make Cookies in Space?pdf (internal)mp4 (internal)
01 Oct 2020Ivy WongWhat is Research Integrity?pdf (internal)mp4 (internal)
24 Sep 2020Arindam PalGraphs, Networks, and Algorithmspdf (public)mp4 (public)
17 Sep 2020Jennifer ZhuVolunteering with the ACTSESpdf (public)mp4 (public)
10 Sep 2020Xinping DengComputing acceleration with FPGApdf (public)mp4 (public)
03 Sep 2020Shi DaiLearn how to play "Go" in 10 minutespdf (public)mp4 (public)
27 Aug 2020Minh HuynhThe Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence Future Science Platform and CASS's role in itpdf (internal)mp4 (internal)
20 Aug 2020Slava KitaeffAustralian Radio Astronomy Data User Survey conducted by AusSRCpdf (public)mp4 (public)
13 Aug 2020Rami MandowWhat kind of astrophotography & astrophysics can you do from an urban backyard?pdf (internal)mp4 (internal)
06 Aug 2020Chenoa TremblayMy work in industry and how it compares with academiapdf (public)mp4 (public)
23 Jul 2020Shinji HoriuchiGAVRT - Goldstone Apple Valley Radio Telescope for education and sciencepptx (internal)mp4 (internal)
16 Jul 2020Ray NorrisBabbage and the non-discovery of Neptunepptx (public)mp4 (public)
09 Jul 2020Elizabeth MahonyAGN and acronyms: an introduction to the many different classes of galaxies and Active Galactic Nucleipdf (internal)mp4 (internal)
02 Jul 2020George HobbsStudying radio frequency interference using the Parkes wide-bandwidth receiverpptx (public)mp4 (public)
25 Jun 2020Glenn Newnham & Jennifer ZhuEarth Observation and Bushfire Risk Managementpdf (internal)mp4 (internal)
18 Jun 2020Ron Ekers70 years ago Australia and CSIRO started a new field of research "radio astronomy"pdf (public)mp4 (public)
11 Jun 2020Xiang ZhangSatellites, space debris, and "corrupted" astronomical datapptx (public)mp4 (public)
04 Jun 2020Phil EdwardsHow to review a paperpdf (internal)mp4 (internal)
28 May 2020Stephen GensemerNew Satellite Instruments for Earth Observation at CSIROpptx (public)mp4 (public)
21 May 2020Arindam PalAn excursion in discrete geometrypdf (public)mp4 (public)
14 May 2020John SarkissianThe Parkes Observatory’s support of Apollo 13pdf (internal)mp4 (internal)
07 May 2020Tasso TzioumisSpectrum management in radio astronomypptx (public)mp4 (public)
30 Apr 2020Mark GrayCurrent activity and future directions for Pawseypptx (public)mp4 (public)
16 Apr 2020George BekiarisLearn how to read Greek in 10 minutespdf (public)mp4 (public)
02 Apr 2020Vanessa MossAdventures in how to give a TEDx talkNo slidesmp4 (internal)The TEDx talk on YouTube
26 Mar 2020Karen Lee-WaddellAstronomy outreach: what, how, and why?pdf (public)mp4 (public)
19 Mar 2020Tim GalvinChoroideremia: The reason why Tim uses a canepptx (public)mp4 (public)
05 Mar 2020Leonid GurvitsPrehistory of VLBI behind the iron curtainpdf (internal)mp4 (internal)
27 Feb 2020George FeastSME Mission: How do we work with SMEs and what are we doing to increase collaborationpptx (public)mp4 (public)
20 Feb 2020Harry QiuSearching for X-ray Variables in the 3XMM cataloguepptx (public)mp4 (public)
13 Feb 2020Balthasar IndermuhleSOFIA: Astronomy in Flight Suitspdf (public)mp4 (public)
06 Feb 2020Cormac ReynoldsNon-astronomical applications of VLBIpptx (public)mp4 (public)
30 Jan 2020Vanessa ChapmanIntroduction to Anthropologypptx (public)mp4 (public)
23 Jan 2020Anne FreerPunchy papers - keeping up to date with the articles that matterpdf (internal)mp4 (internal)
16 Jan 2020Xinping DengThe PAF at Effelsbergpdf (public)mp4 (public)
09 Jan 2020Jimi GreenAstronomy for Equity, Diversity and Inclusionpdf (public)mp4 (public)

Co-learnia in 2019

Date Speaker Title Slides link Video link Additional links
19 Dec 2019Di LiHow to find an alienpdf (internal)mp4 (internal)
12 Dec 2019Andrew CameronA Crash Course in Model Rocketrypdf (public)mp4 (public)
05 Dec 2019Rui LuoA beginner's guide to Bayesian inferencepdf (public)mp4 (public)
28 Nov 2019Jens KlumpCan we teach machines geology?pdf (public)mp4 (public)
21 Nov 2019Jimi GreenAstronomy Themed Beverages: Part IIpdf (public)mp4 (public)
14 Nov 2019Katie HannanWhat's the thing with the frog?No slidesmp4 (internal)
07 Nov 2019Robert ShawThe Other Isaac Newtonpdf (public)mp4 (public)
31 Oct 2019Emily ChangWhy ON is not just for those building gadgets & starting new businesses?N/Amp4 (internal)
24 Oct 2019Glen ReesVirtual Reality for astronomypdf (internal)mp4 (internal)
17 Oct 2019Tim GalvinGenerative adversarial networks and why to be interestedpptx (public)mp4 (public)
10 Oct 2019Alex CherneyAstrophotographypdf (public)mp4 (public)
08 Oct 2019Sarah PearceCSIRO Future Science and TechnologyN/AN/A
26 Sep 2019Chao ZhangWhat is a saliency map and why do we want one?pptx (public)mp4 (public)
19 Sep 2019Amanda MeysA smorgasbord of CSIRO HSE incidentspptx (internal)mp4 (internal)
12 Sep 2019Yuval SandersA brief introduction to quantum computingpdf (public)mp4 (internal)
05 Sep 2019Shivani BhandariWhat are fast radio bursts?pdf (public)mp4 (public)
29 Aug 2019Chris PhillipsA gentle introduction to GPU codingpptx (internal)mp4 (internal)
22 Aug 2019Abhimanyu SusobhananTiming a blazarpptx (public)mp4 (public)
15 Aug 2019Malte MarquardingHow to spot a dragonpdf (internal)mp4 (internal)
08 Aug 2019Phil Edwards"Social Licence to operate" - what is it and does CSIRO need it?N/Amp4 (internal)
01 Aug 2019Stuart RyderConfessions of an Umbraphilepdf (internal)mp4 (internal)
25 Jul 2019Hamish HolewaThe Atlas of Living Australia, Big Data for Biodiversitypptx (internal)mp4 (internal)
18 Jul 2019Lawrence ToomeyA new spectral line data formatpptx (internal)mp4 (internal)
04 Jul 2019Stacy MaderObserving over the shipwreck, MV Koolamapptx (internal)mp4 (internal)
27 Jun 2019Stefan OslowskiHigh cadence pulsar observing programs at Molonglo and LOFARpdf (internal)mp4 (internal)
20 Jun 2019Tim BatemanTechnology Developments at the Molonglo Radio ObservatoryN/Amp4 (internal)
13 Jun 2019George HobbsWhat is lurking in the Parkes wide-band receiver data sets?pptx (public)mp4 (internal)
06 Jun 2019Jane KaczmarekThe not-64m Parkes radio telecopespptx (internal)mp4 (internal)
30 May 2019Shaukat AbidiMachine Learning 101pdf (internal)N/A
23 May 2019Andrew CameronThe Skies Beneath: A Brief Introduction to Weather Forecasting @ the BOMpptx (public)mp4 (internal)
16 May 2019Max VoronkovThe Moon race from the other side of the Iron Curtainpdf (public)mp4 (internal)Technical issue: Slides not playing since 7-min in the video.
09 May 2019Phil EdwardsJapanese for astronomers and engineerspdf (public)mp4 (public)
02 May 2019Songbo ZhangThe Purple Mountain Observatory: 90 years old!pptx (internal)mp4 (public)
18 Apr 2019John SarkissianUpgrade to the 12m PTF at Parkespptx (public)mp4 (public)
11 Apr 2019Chris StillApollo 11 and promoting space science: past, present, futurepptx (internal)mp4 (internal)
04 Apr 2019Anna Tao & Mike AndresMarket Analysis @ CSIROsee recording mp4 (internal)
21 Mar 2019Vince McIntyreGIT for beginnerspdf (public)mp4 (public)
14 Mar 2019John ZicIM&T's Scientific Computing: who are we, what we dopdf (internal)mp4 (internal)
07 Mar 2019John TuthillCSIROSat-1: CSIRO’s first foray into CubeSat technologypptx (public)mp4 (public)
28 Feb 2019Douglas HaymanDoug’s Aha Moment on Conjugate Match Beamformingpptx (public)mp4 (public)
21 Feb 2019Ray NorrisWhat is a songline?pdf (public)mp4 (public)
14 Feb 2019Jennifer ZhuEmergency response to the Indonesian Earthquake and Tsunami disasterpdf (public)mp4 (public)
31 Jan 2019Shi DaiAre neutron stars actually quark stars?pdf (public)N/A
24 Jan 2019Anne StevensonData citation: what, why, howpptx (internal)N/A
17 Jan 2019Chen WangDeep neural networks and interpretabilitypdf (internal)mp4 (internal)
10 Jan 2019Rhona HamiltonThe Science of Scott's Last Expeditionpdf (internal)N/A

Co-learnia in 2018

Date Speaker Title Slides link Video link Additional links
13 Dec 2018Juan GuzmanSKA software updateN/Amp4 (internal)
06 Dec 2018Arkadi KosmyninNeural Networks and Deep Learning: is AI finally arriving?pptx (public)mp4 (internal)
29 Nov 2018Sarah PearceThe Australian space agencypdf (internal)mp4 (internal)
22 Nov 2018Liz YunckenCSIRO Global: global outlook, national benefitpdf (internal)mp4 (internal)
15 Nov 2018Dick Manchester50 years of pulsarspptx (public)mp4 (public)
08 Nov 2018Juan MadridA galaxy without dark matterN/Amp4 (internal)
01 Nov 2018Wasim RajaInstrumental effects and their calibrationpptx (public)mp4 (public)
18 Oct 2018Bill ColesPeddling, Paddling, and Observing in OzN/Amp4 (internal)
11 Oct 2018Lisa Harvey-SmithGetting your results 'out there'N/Amp4 (internal)
04 Oct 2018Jimi GreenAstronomy themed beveragespdf (public)mp4 (public)
27 Sep 2018Diethelm OstryHow WIFI workspdf (public)mp4 (internal)
20 Sep 2018Carolyn HartIssues relating to export control and sanctionspptx (internal)mp4 (internal)
13 Sep 2018Peter MirtschinWhere does observatory time come from?pdf (public)mp4 (internal)
06 Sep 2018George HobbsSpacecraft navigation using pulsarspdf (public)mp4 (public)
30 Aug 2018Kristina Johnson3D modellingN/Amp4 (internal)
23 Aug 2018Phil EdwardsWhat was the Great Melbourne Telescope, and was it really a lamentable failure?pptx (internal)mp4 (internal)
16 Aug 2018Malte Maquarding & Nathan PopeChatting on mattermostpdf (internal)mp4 (internal)
09 Aug 2018Andrew CameronThe challenges of searching for binary pulsarspptx (internal)mp4 (internal)
02 Aug 2018Keith BannisterTransparent feed legspdf (internal)N/A
26 Jul 2018James DempseyThe Virtual ObservatoryN/Amp4 (internal)
19 Jul 2018Karen Lee-WaddellAntikythera mechanism: the World's oldest computerpptx (internal)mp4 (internal)
12 Jul 2018Robin WarkUsing the Compact Arraykeynote (internal)mp4 (internal)
05 Jul 2018Balthasar IndermuehleUsing near real-time satellite data for severe weather protection of remote telescope facilitiespdf (internal)mp4 (internal)
28 Jun 2018George BekiarisImmersive analytics in Astronomypdf (public)mp4 (public)
21 Jun 2018Robert HollowPULSE@Parkes live demonstrationN/Amp4 (internal)
14 Jun 2018Aidan HotanUnderstanding the ASKAP imaging pipelinepptx (internal)N/A
07 Jun 2018Vanessa MossChasing spectral lines with telescopes around the Worldpdf (internal)mp4 (internal)
31 May 2018Nick CarterMechanical testing of spacecraftN/Amp4 (internal)
24 May 2018John TuthillFilterbankspptx (internal)mp4 (internal)
17 May 2018Mieke BouwhuisNeutrino astronomypptx (internal)N/A
10 May 2018Lei ZhangA tour of the FAST sitepdf (public)N/A
03 May 2018Jessica ChapmanRadio Astronomy Image Archivepptx (internal)N/A
26 Apr 2018Ron EkersSearching for life in the solar systempptx (internal)N/A
19 Apr 2018Lawrence ToomeyPulsar data archive overview and demonstrationpdf (internal)N/A
05 Apr 2018Vince McIntyreWhat the heck is Technical Debt?pdf (internal)N/A
29 Mar 2018Shivani BhandariFRB microstructure revealed by the real-time detection of FRB170827pdf (internal)N/A
22 Mar 2018John SarkissianParkes and the Apollo Missionspdf (internal)N/A
08 Mar 2018George HobbsRadio Telescopes in Chinapdf (public)N/A